Weird and wacky in the world of thrift

Another of my recurring features are the Weird and Wacky, previous year's posts 2016 and 2015. This is my 4th and final post for the Aprilalternativechallenge - the weird and wacky in the world of thrift, beginning with a few owls,

some friendly frogs,
a strawberry shortcake and her creepy clown friend.
Adding in a tissue box cover.
I am not sure what the following creation is but it is resplendent in it's glue-gun gone wrong adornment. Stuffed guy and his fish pal joining the party. Welcomed by the cork wreath.
On my regular thrifting there was fabric, a quilt book How to Make an Amish Quilt and Olaf. I have begun collecting certain Ty Beanie Babies, ok, the ones I think might be collectible, some that I attach atop baby shower gifts, and some I just keep for myself.

Another retro item I have added to my secondhand thrift shopping list is vinyl records. Of course, they have to be in good condition and something I would eventually like to listen to, like jazz from the 60s/70s.

What is…

Pink Saturday and prettying up a picture

The letter I have chosen to highlight this week is "P" for Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at howsweetthesound. This is one of my ongoing features I revisit from time to time and third in the series of the aprilalternativechallenge. Leading off with a Pattern of the Day, a Baby Doll's Wardrobe from 1957. I scored that and five other doll clothes patterns from the 50s/60s at the Salvation Army Sacramento store.

A slew of floral pinkness.

Well constructed needlework shadow box picked up at the Goodwill boutique thrift store ($6). I couldn't pass it up what with the letter "T" and all. I took the glass off the front for a clearer image.

Pink remnants to be included in a quilt creation, dreaming of visiting Paris again one day.

My go-to art spot at hospice thrift didn't leave me disappointed. The hibiscus flower needlework just needed a frame and the washed out butterfly framed print (half off) needed an update, (grand total $5.12). The frame was in excellent…

Quilt Me a Cubicle Cover and an upcoming blog hop

I like to surround myself with beauty and art. One of the ways that I do that is to create quilted fabric wall hangings and covers to decorate my cubicle space at work. At my previous position, I had a partition that needed coverage here. This is about my process. I taught myself by books and YouTube tutorials how to make half square triangles (hst). The bear paw block has been one of my goals for over *coughs* forty years.

This is the second in the series of my 4 posts for the aprilalternativechallenge. This is also my quasi-introductory post for the 2017 New Quilters Blog Hop.

A bright floral charm pack along with a brown floral batik were the fabric inspiration for this project.

The block at the top of the image was my first attempt at a bear paw, I had the wrong section in the wrong place (and have since corrected it). The second block isn't totally on point, it will be saved in remnants. The third and fourth blocks were spot on. What did your momma tell you about keeping to t…

An "A" letter day for the April Alternative Challenge

My first post in this 4-post April Alternative Challenge is an "A" letter day focusing on aprons and thrifting. Last year, I participated in another April challenge where one of my posts focused on aprons-and-advertising-tins

This year's apron is a black and white one that I purchased thrift in the past couple of months. Cesar Chavez day off, a state holiday here in California, meant a visit to one of my up country thrift shops known to me to be a great source for fabric remnants. I was not disappointed, in fact it was a fabricpalooza!  Ermahgerd. While I love receiving those mystery fabric collections that I purchase from online auctions, being able to pick and choose the remnants helps flesh out my stash.

Fabric and clothing totaled $30 but a half-off frequent buyer card brought the total to $15.

Sally Stand-In is wearing the Coldwater creek knit top and White Stag maxi skirt (along with my Pebbles & Bam Bam pearls) as part of the lot.

What delights me most when I …

Signups and my son's quilt

Signups begin today over at the April Alternative Challenge, a low pressure challenge I began hosting this year. I had participated in another online April challenge but rules had changed. This low pressure challenge is tailored to highlight a blog or Instagram's best posts, 4 at the least.

On to quilting news, I auditioned squares for my son's quilt. He chose the square in the middle. Gratuitous shot of my flowers in bloom.
Thrifting hospice rewarded me with bowlful of Beanie Babies (25 cents each).

Here I was complaining I couldn't locate my Princess Di Tys, the Great Thrift Shop Beyond sent me two!

Look for some fun posts next month, one being thrift shop weird and wacky.

Quilt Qwazy Queens and the quilted kennel pad

Hello hoppers, I am one of the quilters showcased in QQQ 2017, the brainchild of Marian at Admittedly, I
have been on a quilted kennel pad/cover kick. After I finished my surprise-gift-for-supervisor, I made a "kennel cover" for myself. Call it that or a lap quilt, I had the worst time using old thrifted thread quilting this creation, I should have known better. I also engaged in ASR (angry seam ripping) three times when my backing didn't stay where I intended. Course, I didn't bother to baste, spray or starch the backing. Bad grrrl. It now resides on the back of my easy chair in the living room.

The third in my kennel series is a kennel pad to my friend with three rescued Chihuahuas. First, I found this adorable material but it is discontinued and nowhere to be found. 

Then, I found this material also discontinued from an online auction and snagged the last 3 yards.

I added a scrap flannel panel and utilized high loft batting. 

I used my quilter'…