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Monday, January 16, 2017

Best of the bunch and first fine art find of the year

Best thrifted find of the weekend - 18 nearly complete pinwheel quilt blocks with the sample to finish off the lot.
Thank you mystery quilter!
I can combine last year's finds of bow-tie cut pieces and sunflower fabric for a fun summer blue and yellow quilt. It will be a super quick put together.

Thrifting averaged $15 a bag for the two shops I visited, picking up numerous books, half early 1960s-1970s publications.

Best of all, there were clothes, much needed clothes to replace the larger sizes I had sent to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond.  Alfred Dunner sweats, Coldwater Creek black pants, Fabrizio Gianni brown stretch jeans.
I also indulged in fabric and some lotions, 2 bags of Barbie clothes, half of the homemade were unfinished and there was a Ken as the model for the patterns. Thinking he and his half-finished clothes will eventually end up on Ebay.
Best of the bunch from the Barbie bags were these three pieces of doll clothing and two doll quilts, one pictured below.
Sally Stand-in is modeling two more of my clothing finds, a lavender button up long sleeved Foxcroft shirt and a lined Eddie Bauer brown wool maxi skirt (new with replacement button still attached).  The cute detail on this is the placement of a zippered pocket around knee high.
Pattern of the day features maxis from 1972.

Sunday's thrift shop find, a delightful 10-year old giclee print ($5.50), not quite vintage, has joined the artwork in my collection room.

This print had an easy fix of replacing the hanging wire and taping up the torn paper on the backing. A certain hospice shop open on Sundays has been a constant source for me of fine art finds and I love them for that!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The lengths I go to for vintage fabric

Since I purchase retail fabric for most of my quilt backings, I've come to know some of the current ones. They are wonderfully color coded and perfectly matched and you consumer quilter pay a premium for that.

Being the thrift shop commando that I am, one thrift shop that I frequent supports the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  There was a packet of fabric remnants priced at $8 but I wasn't willing to pay that since it looked to be mainly uglies. Half off day rolled around and I decided to snag the collection. The hidden fabric gems were worth the seam-ripping effort. I have come to cherish these vintage fabrics as unique and special. Funny enough, I don't mind ripping the seams of fabric I want to use in another creation. I find it calming but when I have to rip seams of something I have to redo, I engage in Angry Seam Ripping or ASR.

Here is the thrifted fabric, along with a hinged jar purchased for $6.  As an aside, I use hinged jars to store pasta and dried beans. I purchase the new jar seals at a local kitchen specialty store.

I never did highlight the free motion quilting I completed for the Trailer Quilt Log Cabin Style. While I made more than a few mistakes in the log cabin squares - I used too much blue, the squares didn't end up how I intended them to be (rookie error), it was my first real foray into free motion quilting, I now appreciate the effort I put into quilting each square.

I did not stitch in the ditch so it truly was free motion quilting.

Back to my original idea, I enjoy "hunting" for my supplies and that fits right in with reusing, reducing and recycling.

How do you feel about vintage fabric? Do you prefer to work with only modern?

Monday, January 9, 2017

I destashed the uglies

A sneak peek of the Vintage Fabric Quilt top and backing (nearly finished). I made the mistake in another creation of cutting the kitty cat panel into small borders when it really presents best in one piece. I will put a teal polka dot border on the top of the backing.

As promised, I destashed my uglies aka my ugly fabric. I filled an entire paper grocery bag full of fabric.

My quilt journey started with amassing over 40 xxxxl Hawaiian print shirts and processing them into workable material for piecing. I made a number of quilts from the fabric but have since lost the inspiration to continue along that vein. I did keep a few of the pretties, just in case.

We had a heck of a storm on Sunday here in Northern California. I took off work the next day to avoid flooded streets and roads. Part of errand running included thrift shopping plus a $10 credit on points earned so my day's haul was $11 and change.

There is an Ugly Christmas sweater with amazing detailed beading (to go up for sale in a few months) a cornflower button up shirt, a fun t-shirt and a doll ($1.25 on sale) for steampunkage. There is quilt publication of Favorite Applique Quilts but best of all, Scrapcrafts from A to Z.  I plan on doing another sewing-themed (loosely based) group of posts for the A to Z Challenge in April. I'll look over this book to see if it will work for my purposes. The gray floral fabric turned out to be a circular table cover. The small orange labeled packets contained pieces of costume jewelry. 

We've been staying warm and dry - now I need to concentrate on setting up that new sewing room!

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

January is one of my favorite thrifting times of year

Leading off with Sally Stand-in modeling my thrifted outfit I wore for the holidays, a lovely knit and lace sweater with an oversized scarf.
January is one of my favorite thrifting times of year. Brand new and next to new articles of clothing are donated because the donor has either received them as gifts and doesn't want them or has received a newer zoomier piece of clothing and is donating the older one. Both of the cashmere *sings the word* sweaters I found are in excellent condition. Anyhoo for $12 I got the lot of two cashmere sweaters, one sleeveless knit, a scarf, fabric and steampunk necklace (not pictured)

Quilting update on Vintage Fabric Quilt:

Paisley borders have been added and I have enough to use for the binding. Heading to a major retailer tomorrow to look at some fabric. I am still considering a 1" orange border and using the blue paisley.

Posting a Pattern of the Day, a 1969 McCall's.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bev's sewing basket

Thrifting has resumed in full swing and this week's finds included a NWT (new with tag) Charter Club sleeveless knit top in shocking pink ($9) and sewing basket with all of its contents ($5). The reason I know it is Bev's because there was a thank you card from what appeared to be her daughter in law. This is the first sewing basket (of the 3 thrifted that I've bought) that contained such interesting ephemera mainly from the early 1970s.

Sewing needle packets (front and back)

Bev's drawings

Random Snoopy napkin

The graphic on the button card must be early 1950s?

Menu of the care facility Bev stayed at (lovely graphics).

I used to buy 35mm slides secondhand but in one batch I bought it was heartbreaking - you could piece together a story from the photographs. There was a father and his two children and in the images the mother was no where to be found. In the photos, they all seemed unhappy perhaps that is why the slides ended up in a thrift shop. 

I will take one of my sewing baskets and set it up for my daughter. I have thread, buttons and sewing paraphernalia now in excess.

Here it is January 6 and I am already breaking one of my resolutions - not to buy fabric. Instead, I am going to go through my fabric stash and de-ugly it again. Yes, that's right, get rid of the fabric uglies, mainly processed from the Hawaiian shirt hoarder so I can buy newer, zoomier prints (thrifted, of course)!

So here is to Sewing Bev and her basket from the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Moving it Forward Monday

I had the luxury of being on vacation for the past week and was able to discover new blogs and bloggers, catch up on an unfinished project and dream of new ones. In my internet travels, I found emsscrapbag for Moving it Forward Monday as a quilter's blog linkup.  

I began the new year off and running by assembling a quilt top using thrifted fabric of vintage fabric precuts, batik precuts and a smidgeon of Hawaiian shirt hoarder fabric.

I was finally able to buy a few things on my Amazon wish list and one of those was the book Mixing Quilt Elements: A Modern Look at Color, Style & Design by Kathy Doughty, so I have to admit her book provided some inspiration for the flimsy pictured above.

Vintage fabric quilt needs borders to make it bed-sized so here are the fabrics I am auditioning. I hit the wall on utilizing any more of my stash to complete this quilt. All of the border fabrics were purchased retail. I can't help but get sticker shock when I buy retail fabric - that small stack set me back $50.

I chose to piece a quilt top rather than set up my sewing room. I will be quilting this piece on the new machine though.

It has been cold for us in these Northern California climes so we were sorely in need of more blankets. I ended up buying a queen sized whole cloth cotton blanket with cotton batting at a major retailer for $80. I calculated buying the fabric and the time it would take for me to quilt it and it was worth the cost. But no more buying retail blankets after that when I can make them myself!

Pattern of the Day is a 1967 McCall's, a misses robe to keep you comfy warm.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bim Bam Big and new beginnings

I can officially claim my last quilted finish for 2016 - my Falling for Fall quilted wall hanging.

It measures 66" x 32" and is nearly all scrappy. It was the first time I utilized a charm pack (the outer border)  and free motion quilted the outline of the florals in the black fabric pattern. I appliqued flowers along the center line and one at the top, then bound with a scrappy French binding.

I am so excited to be starting a new quilt using a new sewing machine on a new sewing table. Once those two items are out of their boxes, I'll show you my new setup.
I am adding to my 2017 goal to make one competition quilt to enter in the county fair.

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Bim Bam Big into the New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Pinking into the New Year

What better way to segue into 2017 with a pink-saturday post featuring a pink and green sewing room? My thrift shop finds for the past week included some fabric and thread, (ok so totally going on fabric hiatus beginning Jan. 1), some cards and a 1968 McCall's Needlework & Crafts (spring/summer ed.) with three images from that magazine.

A pretty pink cover-up and a pink knit number (I am actually more interested in the artwork being shown behind the model).

Here is my sewing room setup. While the thrifted desk is the right height, it is not what you would call sturdy. Can you believe I quilted two queen-sized quilts on that tiny thing? I realized I will need to keep it up and running for the applique stitch.

Thrifting is returning to pre-holiday delightful finds with the last of Christmas filtering through. My $20 bought a bag of cotton batting priced at $8 (yay! just in time for my next quilt project), a lighted church for my next year's holiday town and a Charter Club pink paisley short-sleeved collared button up shirt.

Other finds included a chartreuse fine woven Arie sweater, a Southwest Canyon shirt, a Steampunk publication, a Duffy's Tavern ashtray from Tachikawa Japan and a starfish brooch.
It is still my intent to Steampunk out some dolls like I did with alice-has-gone-steampunk. Once she was all decked out, I didn't want to part with her. The key is finding just the right doll to go with the steampunkage process.

Sally Stand-In is posing with two of my fashion finds.

Pattern of the Day, while not pink, was part of my fun finds - a 1967 Simplicity and a close-up of the starfish pin.
I have been holding my feet to the fire to finish my FMQ project I began in October. I was going to begin work on my son's quilt but my thrifted vintage fabric precuts keep calling to me. Here is a sneek peak at the contestants. The plan is to sew together the blocks just as they are cut and quilt with a light gray thread.

I will reveal the new quilt and the updated sewing room soon.

How will you be pinking into the New Year?